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Krone launches two new EasyCut B 870 and B 1000 butterfly combinations

Krone launches two new EasyCut B 870 and B 1000 butterfly combinations

Enormous flexibility, exemplary comfort and maximum productivity: Krone launches two new EasyCut B 870 and B 1000 butterfly combinations

Introducing the new EasyCut B 870 and EasyCut B 1000 Krone adds two models to its range of butterfly combinations. Compared with the previous butterfly mowers without conditioners, the new models stand out for a modern design and curved styling, taut curtains and an optimised weight thanks to a new headstock. Standard features on both models are hydraulic suspension, non-stop impact protection and the tried and tested Krone SmartCut, SafeCut and DuoGrip systems. The machines are mounted close to the tractor to cat II and III linkages using coupling pins that are supported by three-fold mountings.

A special detail on EasyCut B 870 is the choice of two attachment positions for the mower arm which allows operators to vary the working width between 8.31 m and 8.62 m and adjust overlaps to current requirements. Set to the narrow working width, the mechanism reduces the distance between the two mowers to less than 2 m for maximum overlaps and perfect adaptation to sloping conditions.

Landmark features on the new EasyCut B 1000 butterfly combination are the exemplary operator comfort and the variable 9.28 m -10.00 m work width which is controlled hydraulically from the cab and on the move enabling a flexible response to varying conditions and best overlaps at maximum work widths.

All machine functions are controlled hydraulically from the tractor requiring merely one single-acting and one double-acting spool. Another very practical detail is the independent mower lift-out control which allows operators to raise only one mower out of work – a particular boon in wedge-shaped fields.


Tried-and-tested EasyCut technology: Beyond those comfort features, the new butterfly combinations naturally benefit from the well-proven EasyCut technology. The thin cutter bar hovers across the sward giving exemplary protection. Each EasyCut mower has the extremely wide EasyCut flotation skids that offer the double advantage of optimising the crop flow and protecting the sward. Made from tempered steel, these skids are extremely robust and hard-wearing. As an option, so-called combi skids for varying conditions or high-cutting skids for rock-strewn fields are also available.

The new butterfly combinations also share the typical EasyCut disc driveline which transfers the power from the main gearbox through well-proven spur gears with up to 66 teeth down to the last disc. With the big gears rotating at a lower rpm and many teeth being in mesh at any one time, the lightweight cutterbar operates very quietly and efficiently and offers a very lifespan. Each disc is driven by its individual auxiliary gearwheel so there is only minimum load on the gear. Quick-change blades are also standard specification which also applies to the patented Krone SafeCut cutterbar with its unique SafeCut protection technology. The new combinations also impress by an intelligent impact protection system which makes the machine swing up and back when hitting an obstacle. After passing the obstacle, the unit returns automatically into its working position. Exemplary contouring is provided by the DuoGrip suspension which carries the mower in its centre of gravity and guides it with the help of two arms.


Easy transport and servicing: The two new models also offer very practical handling as they fold behind the tractor into a 95° position where they are locked hydraulically and automatically. The weight-balancing design ensures the machine’s centre of gravity is close to the rear axle for best road stability also on smaller tractors. As another advantage, the transport height is always less than 4.0m. Equally practical is the fact that the machine can be stored in its vertical transport position on sturdy stands – which is fast and space-saving. Stored on the machine, the stands are readily at hand at any time. The transport and storage width is less than 3.m. The new mower combinations score high on service and maintenance. The curtains open wide giving easy and convenient access to all service points and to reverse the blades. Another useful detail is the drawers in the frame that hold spare blades.

The two new butterfly combinations EasyCut B 870 and B 1000 expand the Krone portfolio of mowers to cater for all customer requirements in terms of efficiency, versatility and comfort.


Technical Data: EasyCut B 870

Work width:                              8.31 m or 8.62 m

Transport width:                        2.99 m

Transport height:                       Less than 4.0 m

Machine dead weight:               Approx. 1,350 kg

Min. tractor power:                    88kW/120hp

Hydraulic couplers:                    1 sa, 1 da


Technical Data: EasyCut B 1000

Work width:                               9.28 m – 10 m

Transport width:                        2.99 m

Transport height:           Less than 4.0 m at 25 cm ground clearance

Machine dead weight:                Approx. 1,750 kg

Min. Tractor power:                   100 kW/140 hp

Hydraulic couplers:                    1 sa, 1 da

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