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Amazone Offering Free Spreader Wheels to Help Farm Safety

Amazone Offering Free Spreader Wheels to Help Farm Safety

Family owned company Amazone are well established in the Irish market for their spreaders and sprayers which are best known for their accuracy, reliability and famous build quality. They are distributed throughout the island of Ireland by Farmhand Ltd.

The Amazone ZA-M twin-disc spreader has been a huge success since its introduction in 1991 with an estimated 6000 units working in Ireland.

The soft ballistic system (SBS) agitator is very gentle on fertiliser and the machine is easy to set accurately thank to the Amazone EasyCheck app and mat system which has contributed to the machine’s success. Farmers and contractors also appreciate the high build quality on the ZA-M and ease of cleaning.

One of the optional extras for the ZA-M spreader is the parking wheels. Designed to attach to the spreader frame with just one pin they are easy to fit and remove as required. The benefit of these wheels is the ease with which the spreader can be moved around. It also makes attaching the spreader to the tractor much more efficient as it can be easily manoeuvred into position. The wheels provide a safe and easy method of storage eliminating the risk of the spreader toppling off pallets or other storage platforms. The parking wheels are individually braked for safety.

In an effort to promote farm safety and improve user comfort, Farmhand are offering a free set of these parking wheels with all Amazone ZA-M spreaders ordered before the 14th of February 2020.

If you would like more information about the Amazone ZA-M and parking wheels, please contact your local Amazone dealer.

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