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Ploughing ahead of the Competition – The Amazone Cayros

Ploughing ahead of the Competition – The Amazone Cayros

Family owned company Amazone are well known as Irish market leaders for their spreaders and sprayers. With the purchase of Vogel and Noot in 2016, they were able to offer a full range of plough options as part of their successful tillage range. Amazone ploughs are characterised by their robust technology, an excellent quality of work, optimal adaptation to conditions and highest possible cost effectiveness. All points that are reaffirmed with the Cayros.

The Amazone Cayros was released last year, designed to a high specification the plough is ‘working well in Irish soil. A number of units have sold over the past year and customers are really happy’ David Borland, Sales Director of Farmhand and well-known plough man explained, ‘Customers are saying that the build quality is as a good as anything else out there and the work the Cayros is capable of doing is first class.’

This level of positive feedback is only to be expected when you begin to examine just a few of the design features of the Cayros plough. Michael Kelly, a satisfied customer from Co. Meath was particularly impressed that when let out to 44cm along with the use of WXL 430 C-Plus bodies, the Cayros left a channel wide enough to fit tyre sizes such as 600s and 650s, overcoming the issue of a narrower channel resulting in his tractor wheels driving on the previous furrow. Another benefit that impressed Michael was how well the plough packs turned over clay making the ground much easier worked afterwards. The tractor does not sink into the ground as much, reducing the load on the tractor and therefore the amount of fuel used.

Another benefit of the Cayros plough comes in the form of an optional hydraulic stone release protection system. Connected to a nitrogen filled piston accumulator the hydraulic pressure can be adjusted from the driver’s seat to increase or decrease the pressure required to trigger the release. Tommy Fennelly, Co. Carlow, put the system to the test on every run on his farm, as it has both loose granite and granite bed rock in abundance. He found the system smooth and effortless and was impressed that if more than one stone was encountered at a time it did not cause the plough to jump.

If you would like more information about the Amazone Cayros and its specific features please contact your local Amazone dealer.

There is a full range of mounted and semi-mounted ploughs available. Farmhand, the exclusive distributor for Amazone, will be stocking the 4 and 5 furrow, mounted ploughs with an option of hydraulic vari-width and hydraulic non-stop stone protection.

Fully automatic stone safety release

  • The optional hydraulic stone release protection system is connected to a nitrogen filled piston accumulator.
  • The hydraulic pressure can be smoothly adjusted from the driver seat to increase or decrease the pressure required to trigger the release.
  • When triggered, the plough body pushes a piston into the accumulator via the hydraulic cylinder. The gas is compressed and automatically returns the body to its initial position after passing the obstacle.
  • This all happens smoothly compared with the abrupt bang of the traditional spring protection systems.

Hydraulic Damper on Depth Wheel

  • As standard the Cayros plough series come with hydraulic damping with an adjustable shock absorber for guaranteed gentle changeover of the wheel when reversing the plough at the headland.
  • This shock absorber can be adjusted manually by turning the throttle valve gradually, increasing or decreasing the speed at which the wheel changes over.
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