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Krone BigX1180 Released- the biggest harvester ever just got bigger

Krone BigX1180 Released- the biggest harvester ever just got bigger

After the launch of the BigX 680, 780 and 880 last year, the 1180 range topper was just a matter of time. The extra power over the previously released models comes from a 24.24-lire, 850kW/1165hp Liebherr V12 engine. This not only makes this the biggest harvester in the world, thanks to the Liebherr engine it also has long service intervals.

Higher engine power and throughputs require the new flagship BiG X 1180 to use larger-diameter conditioning rollers. The conditioner’s rollers increased to 305 mm in diameter (OptiMaxx305) with teeth slanted at an angle. These changes lead to a unique shearing effect, increase the friction surface area and the circumferential speed. As such, the OptiMaxx 305 roller conditioner stands out for huge crop intake and intensive treatment – even in long chops.



EasyLoad- automatic filling system

The 1180 can be equipped with a camera based 3D image analysis that allows automatic trailer filling when the trailer is parallel to the harvester. The system controls the spout automatically and allows the operator to select various filling options such as front to rear. It is also possible for the operator to program specific filling levels which all add up to reduce operator fatigue in the field.

Moisture and nutrient meter with online AgriNIR measuring


The optional AgriNIR online sensor supplies accurate data on the crop’s moisture and nutrient levels. The sensor is manufactured by Dynamica Generale, a long-standing manufacturer with extensive experience in this field. It supplies the following crop information: dry matter, starch, crude protein, crude ash, crude fat, ADF acid detergence fibres, and NDF neutral detergence fibres. The data are stored to the Krone terminal, assigned to the individual fields and can be processed by various software applications.


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