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Fastparts HayKnife Makes the Cut With Journalists

Fastparts HayKnife Makes the Cut With Journalists

Since its release, the Hayknife has made a big impact. “This is down to a number of factors” says Marketing Manager for Farmhand, Stephen Scrivener. “Not only does the Hayknife prevent the need for bending down under bales and bags which is an obvious hazard, it allows the user to put a few feet between them and the effluent pouring out of the wrapped bale. This is something everybody who opens wrapped bales can appreciate!”

Journalists all of over the country have been really impressed with the functionality of the Hayknife with a number of them stating the above benefits. As well as this, due to its big size, the Hayknife is unlikely to go missing. “It’s not like a blade that you can put in your pocket and forget about, the big yellow handle is likely¬†going to sit in the tractor where it belongs” Stephen Scrivener

“I used it over the weekend and for me the Hayknife’s strengths are its hygiene and safety advantages. The long reach of the device allows the operator to perform cutting tasks without working under a suspended load, be it wrapped bales, bulk fertiliser or bulk bags of meal/gravel etc” Derek Casey- Irish Farming Independent

“My first impression of the Hayknife was its build quality, it’s strong enough to tackle the toughest jobs yet light enough to allow for one handed operation, it’s a great product!” Darren Bailey- Irish Farmers Journal

What a fantastic product! I can see this being a real winner for farmers all over Ireland. It takes the hassle out of opening bales” Noel Dunne, Irish Farmers Monthly







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