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2016 Krone Mowers

2016 Krone Mowers

Krone has long been at the forefront of the mower market in Ireland. New for 2016, all mowers have moved to R- series. What this means is more features with the same legendary durability.

Whether it is an AMR240 8ft farmer’s machine or the BIG M, the technology is largely the same. The Krone mower range may be designed and manufactured in Germany but is has been tried & tested in Ireland. Along with importer Farmhand Ltd, they have been tested, modified and perfected in heavy, Irish conditions. Some of the features that can be found across the entire mower range are

SafeCut has been tried and proven in Ireland over many years. The patented Krone system protects the disc and complete driveline. On impact, the roll pin shears which allows the disc to spin up and out of the way of the neighbouring discs. Farmhand Service Manager, Tj Doyle says “it is a very solid system that works. 10 minutes and less than a euro in parts gets you back working and could save €000s in repairs”

Single mower-bed casing Unlike many other mower beds on the market, Krone features a one-piece fully welded casing made of high quality, heavy gauge steel for huge strength and durability. The wedge shape gives a clean cut, even in lodged crops. This mower bed is manufactured in house by Krone and is not licensed to any other manufacturers.

EasyCut for perfect finish The drive gears in the Krone mower drive smaller spur gears on which the discs are mounted. This means cleaner cutting is possible as the blades are closer to the crop. As well as this, there is much more oil in the bed than competitors and Krone has the unique ability to reverse the direction of any disc.

Mounted mowers are becoming increasingly popular but there is still a definite place for trailed mowers. “Trailed mowers are perfect for baler men who have awkwardly shaped fields. The trailed mower follows the headland better than a mounted mower can. Along with this, less power is required and with its short draw bar, nothing can match the Krone for manoeuvrability in tight spaces”- David Borland, Sales Director Farmhand.


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