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Quicke Front end Loaders

Choice of colours to match many tractors

Designed for the smaller and medium size farm for either conventional or mulch sowing.

Bearing box with large contact areas that hold and stabilize all loads

Heavy-duty pins reduce wear and axial play

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Quicke has long been a benchmark for maximum service life and productivity within the world of front loaders. Today, there are an estimated 35,000 of them on making up the backbone of Irish farms. Quicke sub frames are renowned for their ease of fitting and the unique LCS hydraulic systems are easy to control, even under heavy load.

All Irish spec Quicke loaders come with eletronic soft ride and third service as standard. Quicke’s soft ride is an industry bench mark allowing the loader to be rock solid for use around the yard and have enough suspension for comfortable road travel.

Smart practical design

The design of the loader beam means that the Quicke Loader matches today’s modern tractors in a unique manner. The fact that it has the lowest knee placement on the market also means that is has superb side visibility.


Strong subframe and bearing box. The heavy duty subframe and bearing boxes are what allow Quicke to be working on many Irish farms 50 years later. Together with the inwardly curved design of the bearing box, this gives the loader a formidable torsional rigidity, stability and lifespan.

reliability-detailsReliability details. The Loader has bushings at all the vital points and all galvanized pins have rubber washers that keep the grease in place – details that ensure almost unbeatable service-friendliness and duration.

Simplified implement indicator

The position indicator is compact so that it doesn’t stick up and cause damage or become damaged itself. It is easy to fit and can be adjusted in three positions for various implements, ensuring exact precision of the implement’s angle with the ground.

simplified-implement-indicatorHose protection all hoses are routed through the loader beam where possible. This protects them from wear and keeps the loader looking neat.

unique-hydrualic-systemUnique hydraulic valve system. Our LCS valve system is the only one of its kind in the world that has been designed entirely for front loaders. Giving the maximum control and an excellent drive quality. We have in house hydraulic experts who work on one thing- perfecting hydraulic controls for Quicke loaders.

All Accessories

You can have our loader accessories fitted at the factory, or buy them afterwards and fit them yourself. All Irish loaders come with Soft Drive and 3rd service as standard.

User-friendly 3rd function
Options and additional functions which increase the usability of the loader and the tractor, and can enable the use of implements with Grip function.
Market-leading multi-coupler
Optional convenient single lever for all hydraulic couplings and power connections to the loader. This not only cuts down in the time required as all hoses/ electric connectors can be connect it at once, it allows them to be connected under hydraulic pressure. The MC4 is the original and still the best in the market.
Quicke SoftDrive
Plus Drive – Effective load reduction
Our load-reducing suspension function minimises strain on the loader and subframe, as well as on the driver and tractor. Suspension is simply activated via the stopcock This feature is standard on all Irish Quicke loaders.

ikon-selectofix SELECTO FIX*

Save time and avoid problems.

Selecto fix is a great option if you are regularly coupling and uncoupling hydraulic implements. With a simple movement, the implement hydraulics are coupled, easily and without any problems, even when the system is pressurized. Your work is resumed within seconds. This system also greatly reduces the risk of dirt entering the hydraulic system.


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